Principals of THE NATION OF ONE

The Principals of THE NATION OF ONE are simple.

We believe in the spiritual bond between all humans and all living things. There is ONE Energy that permeates the Universe.

Our members use the Mantra OMMMMMM and mediate visualizing the great white light. This is ONE, the energy that binds all life. We are able to tap into Astral Energy and we have OBE’s Out of Body Experiences due to our abilities to connect to ONE.

We do our best to enlighten others to the spiritual truth of ONE.

We do not fight in wars or carry weapons, we are spirtual beings dedicated to ONE.

We are above the ways of humans that were used to separate humanity for millennia, we see through the lies of religion, politics, politicians, the judicial courts and any human organization designed to separate humans from the spiritual truth of ONE.

We do not see race nor sex as a way to separate humans, nor do we see the old divisions of nations used by humans to enslave regions of humans to a localized lie.

Unite my brothers and sisters to the spiritual truth inside you.

Close your eyes, picture the LIGHT OF ONE and meditate while saying over and over




As you advance in your spiritual quest, you will soon have OBE’s, Out of Body Experiences where you will obtain pure truth and pure love and pure wisdom from the great light of ONE.

You will then lead many to THE NATION OF ONE due to the brilliance of your being.

Welcome my brothers and sisters to THE NATION OF ONE, for we are all truly ONE…



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